A Gating System Designer For High Pressure Die Casting Process


Cast-Designer is a full integrated gating system designer for high pressure die casting process, it is an efficient software tool which assists the designer to quickly develop a gating system for pressure die casting that matches the “Time to Market” requirement in today’s business. With the help of Cast-Designer, engineer can start his design from concept stage, then to parameter, and finalized in tolerance control stage. It is possible to create the full gating system including inner gates, gate-runners, runners, overflows, cooling and venting systems within tens minute to one hour. Cast-Designer is a standard alone software package based on the last OpenCASCADE technology.


More ever, CAST-DESIGNER™ also could be used as a pre-processor to many casting simulation software. Various analytical FEM, FDM/FVM tools for flow and solidification simulation including die casting are used in casting industrial widely, however, they are only giving information to predetermined die design whether it is proper or not and current shop floor practice still uses the "trial-and-error" methods to determine new design. With CAST-DESIGNER™ , all design data can be parameterized and recordable, the data can be modified and updated in a few simple clicks, and the shift from design to meshing then to simulation is so easy and so smoothly thanks the full integrated and powerful CAX environment. The mesh output such as STL format also could be taken to a CAM system for machining directly

CAST-DESIGNER™ is the culmination of more than ten years of research in the pressure die casting process and the design technology has become internationally recognized and is now in used world wide.

CAST-DESIGNER™ helps the casting industrial to:

* Reduce design time and increase productivity.
* Obtain higher yields due to a more efficient gating design.
* Help designer easily make changes the design after analysis simulation results to increase the efficient of CAE simulation system.
* Training new engineer and short the learning curve.
* Setup design standard and database.

User's Interface

* Standard alone software package special for die casting, fully 3D capability
* Build in CAD kernel with last OPENCASCADE technology
* Smoothly shift from CAD to CAE
* Organized as function module to short learning curve
* Support user database and customizable