Pipeline Design Software

Pipeline softwareAs oil and gas production and distribution systems expand into ever more challenging areas with longer tiebacks, and more complex hydrates, flow assurance has become a major design issue and a critical part of the overall pipeline analysis and pipeline design. As flow assurance, also known as multiphase transport, involves the transport of hydrates and a mixture of oil, gas, condensates and water in the same pipeline, this is often too complex to design.

PIPEFLO pipeline software has been used by the international Oil and Gas industry for almost 30 years for flow modeling and pipeline design. This pipeline design software has all the features that will be enough for any flow assurance professional who is employed for pipeline analysis and pipeline design

With this PIPEFLO flow assurance modeling software you can perform :
  • Single and Multiphase pipelines Analysis
  • Flow modeling & PVT Behavior modeling
  • Model Hydrates flow from the wells to its delivery location
  • Model Simplified Data fluid systems for Hydrates like Crude Oil, Compositional and Black Oil fluids

With this pipeline software you can calculate mixture composition of hydrates in pipeline, flowing temperature, flowing pressure, PIPEFLO pipeline software also compares the conditions required for corrosion, hydrates, wax, severe slugging, and liquid loading. With PIPEFLO one can determine how these items change with depletion and with operating conditions.

Some of the features of this flow modeling and pipeline analysis software are :
  • A graphical user interface for ease of data entry
  • Simple layout for easy inspection of properties for different hydrates
  • fast efficient flow modeling
  • PIPEFLO pipeline software models the required fluid PVT behavior
  • Additional equations and correlations are available in PIPEFLO to determine transport properties
  • PIPEFLO can also perform pressure and temperature profile calculations simultaneously in pipelines and networks during flow modeling.

Flow AssuranceAdditional features of PIPEFLO pipeline software exist, but are too numerous to list.

PIPEFLO can accept elevation profile data (including vertical sections) in a variety of ways. Import from Spreadsheets, type your elevation data, or point and click with your mouse to enter a profile. The display Immediately updates and shows angle of inclination.

Please contact Engineering Computation to arrange for a demonstration of this pipeline software.